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How can I find this setup again?

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Hello everyone. I have used this modpack pretty much ever since I started the PC game and I love it. But right now, I'm having an issue getting my previous configuration back. I installed the configuration I liked last update, which looked like the one in this video, same damage counters, reticle, team screens, etc. But then, the recent update came along and the mod was out-of-date. So, as usual I went to get the new installer, and I ran it and picked the default recommended Aslain's modpack. But when I installed it, I got something different. Does anyone know how I can get the same modpack shown in that video? 

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5 minutes ago, Aslain said:

Attach logs, otherwise it's not possible to check your issue. 

Okay, will do when I get home. But won't those logs be gone because I installed the updated mod?


My issue came when the game was updated. When it was updated, I got the new installer, to update my mod. I picked the recommended modpack with XVM option like I did before, and got a different setup.

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