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asia problem after battle... can't enter battle and plat. prob.

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whenever i'm with a platoon... after a battle... the platoon window will not pop-up... sometimes you need to click "platoon" on top for it to appear... but most of the time even after pressing it... platoon windows doesn't show...

and after a battle... even when choosing another tank... the battle button on top can't be used... even when the game is finished... or using another tank... you need to exit game and open the game again for you to play... and after a while.. problem will occur again...

edit: after you exit a game (random battle) to garage when you get killed while in a battle... you cannot start a new battle on a new tank unless you exclude yourself from the platoon... the platoon windows is not showing after you go to garage... clicking the platoon button on top doesn't do a thing... the only workaround to exit the platoon is choose another game mode... like team battle... it will ask you if you would like to remove yourself from the current platoon... and that's the only way to start a new game on a new tank...



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last working on my end was before asia micropatch... was using #2... didn't have the time to check out #3 as asia server was patched to again.. not a deal breaker to me as i have posted earlier the workaround that i'm doing in order to play a different tank... (choose team battle so it can force me out of platoon)... will try to do a clean install (like deleting the cache) and see if it works... again... thanks for the time... ^^

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