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Modpack scrolling loses last settings

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I have a bad habit of hovering over the scroll down bar and using my mouse wheel in order to jump down, and that actually switches my top bar from "Custom Instillation" to "Recommended...." and whatever my last set up was it gets erased when it flips over.
So I then have to take my time and re-set it up when all that I want to do is update my config most times, hoping that I don't miss something (which I often do) but am kind of intimated by the whole updating thing because that often happens that I avoid updating it until I absolutely have to.
So, I was wanting to request that it either have some kind of way so that when you scroll from the beginning that it doesn't auto move the instillation options as that would really be for first time users only.
Or perhaps some button to let you restore it to your last configured settings.
Or perhaps you could save a file in which is stores your settings perhaps?

I just remembered what I usually do which is just close it out and re-open it if I accidentally do that.
But I was just thinking perhaps this might make it more user friendly, so perhaps I should leave the feedback anyway.

Regardless, thanks a ton for your hard work and wonderful assistant!

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That custom installation dropdown box is selected by default, since it's the top most option.


Simple solution is to just click once on the first thing you normally have selected on the list. (One of the color scheme's at the top, for example)

Click that, and scroll to your hearts content with the scroll wheel :)

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