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is there anyway to get that class icon that's in blue to show up instead of the green one and i am useing hawg's real time contour icons to get the coloured class icons to show at the top the screen but they are not showing on the OTM icons anyway to get them to work



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1. contour icons is one thing...
2. top score markers is another thing...

If i understand correctly, you are talking about actual class icon on otm (bellow hp)?
You wan't that blue for td, red for heavies, green lights and so on? (now that's another thing)

first 2 are not related to this.

Isn't there something like this already inside modpack? xvm section?

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yes that's the one i need to change the one that below the hp and i dont think there is anything in the modpack to change that to coloured ones for the class thay are all in green right now witch is annoying 

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I just downloaded modpack to check and you are right, no option.

Well in theory it should be easy enough to add to xvm as option.
If you are familiar with xvm config editing inside markersAliveNormal / markersAliveExtended or dead/whatever.

-First by disabling default for ally and enemy    
"vehicleIcon": { "enabled": false

-then by adding new definition
    "ClassIcon": { "enabled": true,
      "x": 0, "y": 10,
      "alpha": "100", "align": "center",
      "textFormat": {  },
      "shadow": {  },
      "format": "<font color={{c:vtype}}>{{vtype}}</font>"

or specific (can't remember right macro atm) <font color={{vtype=MT?#color1|LT?#color2.....}}><font face=xvm>{{vtype=MT?&#x3b;|LT?3a;.....}}</font>

-and finally by linking that definition inside "textFields": [ for Ally and Enemy. ${ "def.ClassIcon" }

Keep in mind this is quick draft, but doable in theory.
Maybe Aslain could look into it or maybe consider adding "colored class icons on OTM" as option.

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2 hours ago, John11 said:

looks a bit complicated to do but if i attach them files that need editing can you or aslain edit them for me so we can get them to work ;-) 

2 hours ago, John11 said:

i did try to edit that file didn't work maybe i did something wrong 

Sorry i was away, just got home.
Like i said earlier in theory should work.

Therefore i just did quick test.
As you can see default class icon off, custom class with coloring on.

1. Disable default class icon for allies and enemy inside:
markersAliveExtended (alt key)

markersDeadExtended (alt key)

  "ally": {
    "vehicleIcon": { "enabled": false,
  "enemy": {
    "vehicleIcon": { "enabled": false,

2. Inside each of those 4 configs (or only one you wanna change)
Add new custom definition inside "def": {
example tankClass definition i used to test this

    "tankClass": { "enabled": true,
      "x": 0, "y": 0,
      "alpha": 100,
      "align": "center",
      "textFormat": { },
      "shadow": { "enabled": true, "distance": 0, "angle": 90, "color": "#000000", "alpha": 90, "blur": 3, "strength": 2 },
      "format": "<font face='xvm' size='28' alpha='95' color='{{c:vtype}}'>{{vtype-key=LT?&#x3A;|{{vtype-key=MT?&#x3B;|{{vtype-key=HT?&#x3F;|{{vtype-key=TD?&#x2E;|{{vtype-key=SPG?&#x2D;}}}}}}}}}}</font>"

3. Link this new definition to "ally" and "enemy" (same section you already disabled default icons in step1)
for each marker config you wanna (normal,normalalt,dead,deadalt).
under     "textFields": [
add       ${ "def.tankClass" }

Thats all there is to it.

EDIT:As for me editing your config files, i don't think that's a good idea.
Don't wanna change other peoples core config files (from modpack) and cause breakings.

Also colors of classed depends on your settings inside colors.xc for vtype,
but that can be bypassed completely inside definition with '{{vtype-key=LT?XXXXXX|}}' as color instead of {{c:vtype}},
same goes for size if you wanna equalize icons (but then that's finesse and stuff).

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5 hours ago, John11 said:

is there anyway to get the red for the heavy's icon more red mine are a light red i use the legionlost contour icons and the red he uses is more red

Yes, inside format replace color='{{c:vtype}}' with color='{{vtype-key=HT?#YourRedHexHere|{{c:vtype}}}}' if you only need to change HT color.


Pick your red here:https://www.color-hex.com/color/8b0000

...or if you wanna change all without messing with colors.xc:


Also since HT icon is bigger you can make it smaller then the rest of them size='{{vtype-key=HT?24|28}}'
or move it up/down "y": "{{vtype-key=HT?-5|-10}}"

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31 minutes ago, John11 said:

i cant get the colours to change i get no icons showing or strange text showing

If you get no colors you probably mess something up with macro for color (forgot # or ' ' )
Hmm strange text? Try removing "textFormat" part (since it's obsolete)
also make sure you still have face='xvm' and you didn't messup <...>*this part*</font>

You said it worked before so whatever changes you did to format is causing weird text.

Idk, individal color or shadow works fine.
Example #f000ff for ht https://www.color-hex.com/color/f000ff

example def:

    "tankClass": { "enabled": true,
      "x": 0, "y": "{{vtype-key=HT?-5|-10}}",
      "alpha": 100,
      "align": "center",
      "shadow": { "enabled": true, "distance": 0, "angle": 90, "color": "#000000", "alpha": 90, "blur": 3, "strength": 2 },
      "format": "<font face='xvm' size='{{vtype-key=HT?24|28}}' alpha='90' color='{{vtype-key=HT?#f000ff|{{c:vtype}}}}'>{{vtype-key=LT?&#x3A;|{{vtype-key=MT?&#x3B;|{{vtype-key=HT?&#x3F;|{{vtype-key=TD?&#x2E;|{{vtype-key=SPG?&#x2D;}}}}}}}}}}</font>"



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1. You didn't break entire config, that's good. (when you do default xvm config is loaded).
2. Coloring still apears to work so <font stuff> is ok.
3. Text... again, you said before it worked and you only wanna change colors.

My guess you mess something inside format: <...>this part</font> with symbols macro for each class

Try my example above,
if still doesn't work we can try different aproach with textformat later on, but outcome will be the same.
Just make sure its not some typo error on your end. :wink1:

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Now that i seen your OTM, i am curious...
Since you are using contour icons on OTM (with class icon and coloring).
Why do you need double class icons?
Why not just disable class icon on OTM and call it a day? :sweat_smile:

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yes i now what you mean by i use coloured contour icons but i had the class icon at the bottom witch was all green and just wanted to change from green to the class coloured ones i already have that's all and if i could change them from green then brilliant 

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26 minutes ago, John11 said:

well we have managed to get that class icon from green to what i wanted in coloured ones anyway but i just cant get that red darker so i give up anyway to change anything in colors.xc

5 minutes ago, John11 said:

how can i find out what when colour codes mean in colors.xc i found a darker red code 0xDD4444 to use for the HT 

If you already found your red DD4444 for HT, why do you need to mess with colors.xc and change red for entire xvm config?

I highly advice againts changing colors for vtype inside colors.xc, becase you are effectively changing colors for entire {c:vtype} macro and everywhere that macro is used inside config.

That's why i gave you an option to change/bypass it individually on markers and avoid colors.xc

If its D4444 then just put inside markers {{vtype-key=HT?#DD4444|{{c:vtype}}}} and if transparency is the issue set alpha to 100.

At least make backup of colors.xc if you are messing with it.

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right i have now scraped the colors.xc file gone back to default i am using the last def you gave me with the red colour code i found and now the red is a darker red so if i wanted to change the rest of the tankclass icon colours how do i setup the def to change the rest of them and how can i found out that them colour codes translate to the colours i need

and this is what i changed in the colors.xc 


// Dynamic color by vehicle type.
    // Динамический цвет по типу техники.
    "vtype": {
      // Цвет для легких танков.
      "LT":  "0xA2FF9A",
      // Цвет для средних танков.
      "MT":  "0xFFF198",
      // Цвет для тяжелых танков.
      "HT":  "0xFFACAC",
      // Цвет для арты.
      "SPG": "0xEFAEFF",
      // Цвет для ПТ.
      "TD":  "0xA0CFFF",
      // Цвет для премиумной техники.
      "premium": "0xFFCC66",
      // Включить/выключить использование премиумного цвета.
      "usePremiumColor": false


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am i doing this wrong? color='{{vtype-key=HT?#DD4444|{{vtype-key=SPG?#EE33FF|{{vtype-key=MT?#FFCC22|{{vtype-key=LT?#99FF44|{{c:vtype}}}}'>{{vtype-key=LT?&#x3A;|{{vtype-key=MT?&#x3B;|{{vtype-key=HT?&#x3F;|{{vtype-key=TD?&#x2E;|{{vtype-key=SPG?&#x2D;}}}}}}}}}}</font>"

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Hex color codes used inside xvm are 6digit (RGB only), you can't use 8 digit hex code (RGBa/RGB alpha).
When you use hex inside config you can use as 0x000000 or #000000 (example of black 000000).
usually when you colorize something inside xvm you use color='#000000' or "color": "0x000000"

Little explaining of macro in my example for HT color='{{vtype-key=HT?#f000ff|{{c:vtype}}}}'

by default {{vtype-key}} will print class if used as format LT for LT, MT for MT, and so on...

To breakdown macro above {{if {{vtype-key}} is equal HT use #f000ff as color|else use default {{c:vtype}} macro (reads color from color section vtype inside colors.xc)}}

I already gave you an example above on how to setup color for each class.
Gonna post it again, even more colorful rainbow example:

in this case you no longer need {{c:vtype}} inside color macro anymore, also you can put # in front of bracket and only 6 digits inside brackets.
like this:
or this:
both ways should work.

*Just don't copy-paste any of it above ↑ inside your config, copy from def example code bellow ↓ (to avoid risk of corrupting your config with hidden characters)*

def example:

    "tankClass": { "enabled": true,
      "x": 0, "y": "{{vtype-key=HT?-5|-10}}",
      "alpha": 100,
      "align": "center",
      "shadow": { "enabled": true, "distance": 0, "angle": 90, "color": "#000000", "alpha": 90, "blur": 3, "strength": 2 },
      "format": "<font face='xvm' size='{{vtype-key=HT?24|28}}' alpha='90' color='#{{vtype-key=LT?000000|{{vtype-key=MT?000000|{{vtype-key=HT?000000|{{vtype-key=TD?000000|{{vtype-key=SPG?000000}}}}}}}}}}'>{{vtype-key=LT?&#x3A;|{{vtype-key=MT?&#x3B;|{{vtype-key=HT?&#x3F;|{{vtype-key=TD?&#x2E;|{{vtype-key=SPG?&#x2D;}}}}}}}}}}</font>"

...this is all black (000000) example, you need to replace with your colors for: LT, MT, HT, TD, SPG.

This entire post is colorful mess, hope you manage to navigate. :lol:

I was about to post this when you post your last reply.
Yes you did wrong {{c:vtype}} at end and not enough closing brackets }}, each bracket have to be closed.
You have total 10 open and only 4 closing brackets inside color=' ' :wink1:

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i dont now if its me but that new def file you gave me does not work i just pasted that in markersAliveNormal.xc and got nothing no tankicons not even in black :-( and i get the red xvm error on battle start

Edited by John11
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Just copied it to config to recheck and no problem.
If you get red text error on startup it usually tells you what's the issue.
Usually tells you stuff like illegal character/or expected ; or " in file.xc at row:line (example 23:57) where error starts.So you can navigate.
Maybe you forgot bracket, comma or something...

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What is the error? :lol:

Here i forcecreated error by removing , behind } just to emulate.

It tells where error starts.
So before that point it's error. In this case missing comma in 28.row after tankClass definiton end, since there is another definition after it.

Did you change anything else, is the error inside this file or other file? What does the error say?

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19 minutes ago, John11 said:

illegal character "E" at 31:25 in"res_mods\configs\xvm\aslein\markersalivenormal.xc 

Well then open markersalivenormal.xc go to 31.line at 25.column and see what's there and what is before it at 24.column or above at 30.line (around there is the issue).
Try going left with arrows from 31:25 by 1, do you have hidden character there (does your cursor not move/skip left by 1).
Hidden character is indicated if you have to tap arrow twice to move cursor once. :wink1:

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