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[WG BUG] Rudder Spontaneous Shifting

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Since the last update or so, i've been getting the "ding" when changing the rudder, but i assume that's a new "feature" set to go off every time you pass one of the 5 points.

Insanely annoying when you're making small corrections.

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Posted (edited)
On 7/26/2019 at 8:30 AM, Dcmegacab said:

Hi Aslain.


On this link:


Multiple peeps are having these spontaneous rudder shifts. Not sure if it is a WG problem or a problem with one of the mods.

WG problem, nothing to do with the MOD section 

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  • Fixed a bug which caused the rudder not to return to the default state in case speed was changed while the collision avoidance system was active;
  • Fixed a bug which caused the collision avoidance system to incorrectly choose the route to bypass islands;


The automatic collision alert system will divert ships from islands more reliably, with manual control always being a priority.

If you would have read the patch notes you would have known :smiley:







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yeah well they didn't fix it. It's still their and worse than ever before.

It just started happening to me after 8.6


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