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Camo Selector Mod

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hi guys!


So this new Camo Selector works nicely, looks fun, but some questions:


As you can see in the screenshot, the Garage tech-info does not show any Camo ratings since I have this mod installed. I hope that's just a technical problem with the display and the Camo is still properly applied (not just visible, but also giving the bonus!).


The second thing I wonder is, will Wargaming declare this mod as illegal ? I mean this mod is completly undermining their camo system, giving you (random) access to Camos you don't even have, to frikkin all camos in the whole game... I would not be surprised if they declare it illegal as nobody who uses it will ever shell out any Gold for any camo anymore.


thanks, have nice day!


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The mod is purely visual. (You found it in the "Texture & Models" section)

Otherwise it would be a major hack/cheat, hehe.

You'd have to actually hack Wargaming servers to get things for free like that.


This mod randomizes camouflage on your tank and on all other players tanks, just to change their looks.

It does NOT add camouflage value, you'll need to mount your own camouflage that you already bought for that to happen.


And judging by the screenshot, there's no camouflage on the HULL of that tank, which means that it won't get camouflage rating. (The only camouflage I see, is the two on the turret/mantle, unless those weird green dots are supposed to be the hull camo).

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There's a big difference between the two mods though.


One of them adds visual changes to the game.


The other one mounts the camouflage you already own to your tanks and helps move it around.


Either mod only gives you camo values, if you have camo.

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