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A mod for auto platoon asking?

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What is dynamic Platoons?

I just ask for platoon in random game that I have to click 14 times for each and every game.

I don't even know what dynamic Platoons is.

I even not sure to understand your answer, may be you are out of the subject.

I don't talk about spamming or anything: keep it simple stupid: just read what I wrote and don't interpret what I wrote.

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Dynamic Platoon is what you're inviting people to in an ongoing battle :)

You are sending them a "dynamic platoon invite" and I'm fairly sure it says that ingame too.


Sending invites to all 14 people every battle is spamming, no matter how you put it.

And you are NOT getting any bonus from it. The bonus counts from the next battle.. and I bet you leave the platoon and invite someone else in next battle, right?

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When I'm in platoon, I always wait for the end game result windows.

An additional windows shows up with a 20%, 15% xp/credits depending if one of the platoon member is premium or not.

So, yes, it work and give me additionnal credits/xp every time I platoon,  that is why I ask for this most wanted and desirable automated mod.

Because wether I click the 14 players one by one manually or that a mod do it automatically for me, there will be no difference for the 14 players: they will be prompted anyhow.

It cannot be spam, as it is world of tanks that has promoted this kind of behaviour via its news, telling us to do it.

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The platoon window after battle says it. Yes.


BUT as I explained, when you invite people to platoon while in a battle, you do NOT get the extra credits for that battle. WG said that!


Check your detailed battle report - no extra credits because you joined platoon in battle.

You need to queue up in platoon to get the bonus.


Edit, added this link, have a look in the FAQ:


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Added link.
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