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Piece of an old puzzle - hang on loading screen

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More of a mystery than a problem, I occasionally experience the 'battle loading screen hang'. I've adopted the close/re-start client method to rejoin the game and it's inconvenient but gets the job done, most of the time. (I've had arty killed while I was getting back - but that's not unusual with the wheeled peckers in the game now, even without the issue.) 


My contribution to the anal retentive pursuit of a fix, this morning, is the observation that in probably 65- 75% of the instances I experience this, I'm trying to play the t6 Sherman  Jumbo. I have not kept a log, so I can't be more specific than this (starting one today), but I'm playing quite a lot, get the issue a couple of times a week and have enough recent recollection to make the claim. Really curious if it's got to do with how that model is built in the code or something like. 


Again, not something that's even a problem, more a curiosity.


Logs attached, interestingly, I cannot upload the replay for that game, at least not through the manager.


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Well, try to play without ATAC!, this mod may cause problems to some people for whatever reason, it's ultra rare bug with this mod but still happens. Let me know if this helped. There was more errors in your logs but let's start with ATAC, also make sure you have checked game files via the launcher.

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