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curious/rare issue - for your spare(?) ;) time . . .

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Once or twice in a hundred games, I will see this: attempt to exit to hanger/garage and the main UI goes black, the hit/damage log and other assorted panels, etc remain in view & game hangs. When I close the window via the windows key/sub-menu, the game remains in memory and I reboot the computer in order to restart the game. (Next time I see it, I'll use task manager just as an exercise.) The replay is unavailable - logs attached, let me know if you want anything else. 


Again, rare and not urgent for me . . .thanks


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Thanks - I'm familiar with the process. When I first started, WoT was notorious for leaky memory and I just figure that rebooting clears my caches and the ram and starts fresh. Don't know if that's still a problem or not - I'm really more curious as to what's going on. (If I get serious about it, I'll run a vanilla client for 2 or 3 hundred games and see if the issue appears. 

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