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Possible issue with 'auto mounting' and Frontline.

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Last two FL episodes I find some of my T8 tanks without consumables after insuring they were all mounted. If I started game in safe mode to turn off all mods I had no issues, but with mods I would find myself damaged and looking for a repair point since I had no repair of heal on the tank. Anyone else experience this? And were you able to pinpoint the mod that caused it?

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Don't use auto-equip and auto-consumables mods.


It obviously will not work - since you're already in a battle and it cannot just mount equipment and consumables during a battle.


And since you don't have equipment for all tanks and such - you'll get this situation.

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You didn't need to attach those, but okay :tounge:


If you want to have no issues with Frontlines, you need to stop using this:

            Auxilium [read mod descriptions!]
               Enable auto-mounting of equipment
               Enable auto-mounting of consumables


It's IMPOSSIBLE for them to work with Frontlines, since you'd be in a battle until you exit it - and it can only move while in garage.

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