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Players panel in battle

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I've been using Aslain mods for months now and I didn't have any issues, for the most part. 


However, I do have one problem which I don't seem to be able to fix.


I cannot see the panel with the players/ships/whatever on the left side of the screen when in battle.


I've tried basically everything but nothing seems to display that information.


When pressing TAB I have all players and ships there but I'm pretty sure that should be a panel even without pressing any key, right?


This is the panel I'm talking about...



(screenshot taken from YT from one of the CCs)


I've been mostly focused on 'Screen panels' when installing as they seem to do and display exactly what I want but no matter what I choose, I don't see that displayed when in-game.


Any way to 'activate it' that I don't see or am I missing something else?


Thanks for the help.

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1 hour ago, Quaksen said:

What is your setting for team lineup in the WoWs settings menu?


Also please attach log files. (See my signature for the link on how to)

See, I knew it was something very basic that I'm missing out.


It's strange that it's not set by default (by WG)



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