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Ideas for account?

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I finally quit cold turkey. Was a nice few years, but the game was simply too addictive for me.

Thanks to Aslain for making the experience much more fun and pleasant while it lasted.

Anyone have ideas what I can do with my accounts?

I have 2 accounts, a little one with only 3 tier X and my main one with 23 tier X researched with 11 premium tier 8 tanks.

I would rather not see them just sit and rot, also passing them on would allow me to make a clean break and not relapse.

You can send me a private message if you know anyone interested.

Thank you.

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Posted (edited)

Your'e probably right about it being against the EULA. I think almost every MMO has rules like that. It would be a big headache for them if they didn't. however i don't for a minute think they will go after individuals who acquire accounts created and used in good faith. (as opposed to selling BOT accounts/ creating accounts with intent to sell them for profit etc.).

I don't care much about the WG EULA when it comes to something like this (No loss to WG), but if you think it is against the forum rules here then by all means delete my post, I never meant to create headaches for you guys.

Thanks for tip on deleting accounts I didn't know that was possible, but it really hurts to do that.

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They might not, but it's still best kept out of public, but you did say to PM. Just mentioning it :thumbsup:

You're not creating a headache, I'm just kind of "pointing out the obvious".

Though I guess deleting the account wouldn't work if you're trying to cold turkey it, since deletion takes 45 days.

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