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'Minimal' Players Panel ?


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Does anyone know how can I modify the players panel to have it show just the name of the tanks with tier - color coded by wn8, and the spotted marker?


I'm thinking it could be only text or use some contour icons with the background color coded after wn8.


Thank in advance.

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Its allready in Aslains "medium panel".


Otherwise edit playersPanel.xc and change to this.


"large": {
      "formatLeft": "<font color='{{c:wn8}}' alpha='{{alive?#FF|#80}}'>{{vehicle}}</font>",
      "formatRight": "<font color='{{c:wn8}}' alpha='{{alive?#FF|#80}}'>{{vehicle}}</font>",
      "extraFieldsRight": [ { "x": 0, "y": 4, "align": "center", "valign": "top", "bindToIcon": "true", "format": "{{spotted}}   ", "alpha": "{{alive?100|0}}", "shadow": {} }, {} ],
      "width": 120
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The icons are images that are taken from a folder inside the game. 

It can only be changed by another image folder in res_mods. 


If I misunderstand you correctly you dont want icons of the tanks 

just the tiernumber? 

Then you have to create your own icons without image (empty picture) 

and activate "show tiernumber" or just add your own icons with only 

tiernumbers. (kinda like Aslains without tankname) 


The games original tankicons dont have names.

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