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Marquer on lines updated by the new mod pack version !

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Hello all :)


I'm new on this forum and I'm from France! :P


First: many thanks for your modpack and for your work! ;)


Second: You do a lot of updates :o :wub:  but ... do you think is't possible to put a litlle mark in front of the lines options you have changed or updated like the picture on attached files!? :rolleyes:


In my example I put a little image as a mark front the line but a bold characters will be good too! :P


Cu all !  :) ;)


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Yeah I know how it's annoying to find a freshly added things to the modpack. Hard to spot them :( I cannot make bold/italic etc... tried but the installer is crashing on many systems when i enable it.


All I could do, is to add a letter or sign, in front of name. It would work for EN and PL languages, but the others will suffer because translators are making translation days after release, or months even. Will make an attempt internaly.

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