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Batcave Hanger


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You can download my zipped file, mod9.7z  from here:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/p0fb4z3dpmu8spk/mod9.7z?dl=0


Put it in Aslains_Custom_mods


Also, depending on which version of HangMan Aslain is using, you may have to copy the audio folder from res to res_mods/0.9.5/


Now run Aslains_XVM_Mod_Installer_v.4.1.42_95.exe


Finally, you will have to change the HangMan.xml file in res_mods/0.9.5/ to include hangar_defs/hangar_IGR-Cave.xml


Note that I am on the NA server, so I have not tried this for version 9.6

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