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Top 150 clans NA?

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I noticed while I used the "Full NA" a clan I know is not in the top 150 and they're icon shows in the team list, they rank 14## so it looks like the top 150 is broken.


Or maybe Top150 online is ignored if you install the Full Pack. Probably not broken, but intentionaly made by XVM devs.

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This was on the XVM dev page. checked or check "Full NA" and seems to work ok.



Starting with XVM 6.0 changes the system work with icons top clans CC. Briefly, two main points: 1) The exception icons top clans from the archives of fashion and their automatic downloading from the server; 2) The selection criterion top clans changed rating Elo rating ivanerr.ru Clan on the GC. For more information about the transfer of the functional on the server.Previously, each release version XVM icons top clans manually added to the archive with the mod. Now the server monitors XVM top clans and when you run the client downloaded the list.When you are a top clan in combat, from the server XVM downloaded its icon. What it does: The old icons clans that came out top, not mixed with new, renewal stamp 8 times a day, instead of every issue of XVM; Always up icon (if it changes the clan); Relief archive with the mod; [not yet implemented ] Settings in your account number of clans that are considered top-end (top 100, top 150 top ... 1000); also kept the old clans of functional display folders clanicons, where you can add the dates of your clan. For more information about changing the rating. Previously, as rated use ratings ivanerr.ru. Will now be used Elo rating (right column eGM here ).

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