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REMOVING mods in new pACKS

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   the mods have been removing mods ( are they gone for good)     if not...so many have been removed    as they are FIXED??    will they auto re install themselves?  

  i ask.. because took me a LONG time to get them where and how i liked um'   but i really have no real clue which 1's i had installed   or even easily where to find them again...1 reason i do NOT enjoy haveing to RE install from Scratch  aslains   because it takes me over a hour...then have to return to fix the 1's i did wrong.....

    SO....all the REMOVED stuff ....what becomes of it ?

 Thanks  Longtime ASLAINS  user/lover/ :(  HOOKED on it now..can not play w/out it .   arrrhhhh      lol

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Some mods might be gone for good - others will be re-added when their authors update them.


If you have installed the modpack while the mods are removed - they will NOT be auto-selected again - you will have to pay attention to changelog and then select them again once they are re-added.


Hope that answers it - if it doesn't - yell at me and I'll try to answer it better :blush1:

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