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Different iconography in port for ships with "Commander Unavailable"


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I'd love a different take on "Commander Unavailable."  Most of my 280+ ships in port don't have a commander on them at any one time, particularly my premiums, to which I will normally move my most appropriate 19pt tech tree commander when I want to play them.


But the big golden "Commander Unavailable" splashed across the ship icon, with the ship itself and its name heavily shadowed out, make it hard for me to find the ship easily without resorting to applying a filter.


Just a simple quality of life improvement, I think, would be to change the icon so it remained light and easy to see, but with, say, a little commander profile icon with a red circle and diagonal line through it.  Nice to know the commander's not on it, but I want to know that without squinting to figure out what ship it is under there.


Thanks for consideration!  Wish I were up to trying it myself.





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