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disconnect from server

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Spent a whole freaking day trying to figure what is wrong. Why I kept getting disconnected repeatedly from the server.
Updated the hw drivers + a bios update, did the wg check, wg network check, pingplotter, argued and hacked my isp router to check the route to the servers, and in the end ended doing a clean install of WoT (no xvm, no aslain) and it worked, no d/c... I did remember I did an aslain update (03 to 07) before this issue started so I installed the aslain again, in the first 40secs upon connecting i got a d/c and it kept repeating. Uninstalled aslain again, no d/c, installed it again, continuous d/c, uninstalled it, no d/c, you get my point...
I have to mention I checked beforehand the ip's in the list and deactivated xvm, at the moment no xvm token active on any of the devices.

Have I mentioned this happened on 2 devices with different accounts? A desktop and a laptop. (dev1 + acc A; dev2 + acc B; dev1 + acc B; dev2 + acc A)
At the moment running clean wot client on both devices and no issues.

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finally got the server disconnects to stop.ran a program called temp file cleaner,by old timer,c-cleaner,and windows disc clean up.cleaning out the registry ,of all the temp files and junk,cleared out about 7 gigs of junk.now it just occasionally does the ctd.theres a mod conflict somewhere,guessing one of the sound mods or battle assistant,they seem to be the usual culprits.almost wanna say its battle assistant,as it seems to only do it when i switch arty views.anyway,its not perfect,but its alot better than it was.give those things a try and see if they help.oh,btw,always make a system restore point on your computer before you do this,on the off chance you do something wrong,so you can restore it back to where it was.


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