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Improved Primary Crew Left/Right click are Inconsistent

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When setting Primary Crew for the first time Mouse over the Red Plus icon says Left Click to "Assign Primary Crew.
If ship already has a Primary Crew and I put a different Commander in place, Left click is now "Reassign Primary Crew".  Right click is "Set New Primary Crew".

Can Right click be changed to "Assign (New) Primary Crew" in both situations? Leaving Left click to "Reassign Primary Crew" if and only if a Primary Commander has already been set. 

I was tired one night and kept going round in circles trying to Assign a new commander by left clicking.  OFC I should have been Right Clicking. 

Thanks for looking.

PS - Log files do not seem necessary as its a operational improvement, not a bug.


Edited by kartane
Added PS about not needing log files.
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