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Tank Not Appearing

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So the other day the ElcEven90 light tank was on sale for advent calendar and I know I already had it in the garage and the advent calendar said I did as well but I was unable to find it. So I went and purchased it again with gold and it still wasn't in the garage. I have NO filters enabled at all and it isn't set as a primary or reserve tank. I submitted a ticket to Wargamming and they confirmed it was in the garage but I still couldn't see it. So I removed mods and rebooted the game and there is was! After reinstalling the mod pack the tank no longer shows in the garage. 

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Yeah, you do have it set as reserve then.


If removing mods makes it show, the tank is set as reserve.


So select the reserve filter while mods (XVM) is installed. Right click the tank, remove it from reserve. Done.


(I know you said it isn't on reserve.. but literally the ONLY explanation why it's hidden with mods installed, is reserve filter from XVM)

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Game on OS drive doens't matter.


The reserve button is:



When you see the tank without mods, and do not see it with mods. That is the cause. No other explanation that I know of. Everyone else with similar issue, fixed it due to reserve.

You probably hid the tank at some point, and forgot about it, that's usually what happens.

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Weird. But good it's fixed :thumbsup:


Maybe you just forgot? Because the "reserve" save file, is on your computer (in AppData)

(could have had it as rental and hid it at some point)

Something like: \AppData\Roaming\Wargaming.net\WorldOfTanks\xvm\users\YOURUSERID\tankcarousel as "reserve.dat"

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