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Minimap by BattleFrame has 2 Boxes Unchecked Always

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Minimap by BattleFrame has 2 check-boxes that are always unchecked.   
Can these be auto-checked the same as the others boxes are? 
Perhaps there is  good reason why these 2 boxes are left out that the mod creator knows.

Aslain, the log files did not seem to be needed for this post.
I hope issues and bug reporting is the correct section. 
Thanks for looking.

PS.  Great mod.



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I don't know why it's unchecked, maybe the author's idea, what is stopping you from checking them manualy? or maybe it's getting unchecked after you're checking them? It would have to be reported to the author anyway. I will see if I can do something like that.

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Thank you finding out the answer.  The mod creator has left out these 2 check boxes unticked on purpose.

I wish the mod creator would give us an option to have our current selection changed to the default.  It would make my life with over 400 ships easier.  Tick one 'change default' box and I could forget about it.  Others may have different options for their preferences.

I am grateful to all the people who create these mods on their own time. 

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To BattleFrame,
Can you add a checkbox to make the users selection the mods default?  Users may also wish to remove selections.
PS.  Great mod.

Can I calculate by how much you will make lives easier?

Eg.  If a user wanted to add 2 selections to their default settings for 100 ships.  Every ship means I have to press and hold the [CTRL] key, move the mouse, click the mods Gear icon, move the mouse, check my 2 selections, move the mouse and click the Gear icon again.  400 clicks per user.  Times 1,000 users, that's 400,000 clicks.

Can we have a 'make my selection the new default' checkbox please? 

Definitely not trying to pick on you as a developer.  Millions of UX would benefit from this kind of inclusion. 
Please excuse my Autistic Black and White view of the world.

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