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Understood. I'm not familiar with the method behind skins, but I hope someone steps up because I really liked being able to get rid of the factory Defender skin.

Thank you.

Reading back over your answer, I realized that you're saying that the skins "might" be updated, but you understandably don't have time to go and check them.

Could you tell me who was the author of the Defender skin and I will go to them and check myself. I don't remember the author because that was many updates ago.

Thank you again.

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It's impossible to me check the skins if they are not crashing the game, I would need to have a tank, and also own/buy every possible skin and camo/style, and test every possible camo and style on it, then repeat it for every other tank skin mod, Something like this should be done by the skin makers, not me, and they won't for similar reasons, so their mods won't appear in the modpack. 


Give me the skin mod name you selected in old modpack.

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I understand your limitations in testing all of the possible variables. When I said I hope someone steps up, I should have said I hope the developers step up and convert the old skins in their packs to whatever new format is in use now.

The Defender skin was in a pack that I haven't seen since last summer or so, so don't worry about that. I can't remember the proper name or author. IF I locate a skin for the Defender that works I will refer it to you.

Thanks so much for your time Aslain!

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I found a skin here that is working for me. This person produced a permaskin that removes the camo scheme but leaves the accordion and other junk hanging on the tank, while the remodel removes everything and makes it a regular 252U. The permaskin worked but the remodel did not. I left the files in a folder on my desktop so I can easily re-add them after game updates, but inclusion in the modpack would be nice.

Thank you.

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