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How to ping a mod or mod creator directly?


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How do I ping a mod creator?  Is there a list somewhere I can use?  Some method of directly linking a post with the relevant mod creator would be great.  Since modders don't check the forums daily it falls on Aslains shoulders to point a post at the modder in question.  It would save Aslain loads of effort if we could use a hashtag to point to a mod.

Aslain, what do the #numbers mean?  They appear next to some mods in the whats in or out section. 
Any chance these unique numbers could be used in the forums?  Does the # change when a mod changes names?

They would be useful on titles.  EG.
#999 Mods new name is brorked.

Thanks for looking.

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Not every mod author is easily reachable, the best is to visit the mod site, which is usually a WG forums, so it's easily to see the modders profile.


The number after hash is mod number in the installer, you can see the numbers when you open mod preview and click on a mod. The numbers are changing when I add or remove a mod so there will be no list of broken mods, broken mods are usually removed. The number usually coresponds to the line number in c:\Games\World_of_Warships\Aslain_Modpack\Components_List.txt, just add 1.

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Modstation installer greys out missing mods but still keeps them selected.  Run the installer when the mod is back and it's back automatically. 

Aslain installer removes inactive mods.  Unfortunately it sometimes checks another mod by the same author that I never wanted.  EG. When "Gun caliber in inches" mod gets removed I seem to get the "Lady Names Commander" mod.

And when said mod is back, I have to check the box again.

Is there any chance the Installer can remember my selection when mods are removed?  We all spend ages scrolling thru the list to recheck our fav mods every patch.  Perhaps some trusted programmer could help you with a new installer that remembers by choices?  Aslain would never have to delete a mod or put it back in.  I think a patch number is included with every mod.  This could be tested.  Mods without up to date patch numbers are greyed out.  Updated patch number mods are included.

Sorry I don't have funds to support your efforts.

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Yes I know, but it's not possible, Modstation is using help from a team of the game developers to create their installer, while I'm just a one person, and limited to what I have, and in my installer I cannot introduce such thing like greying out. They have a custom made installer, if someone create something like that for me I would be very happy, but there is no one that can do it for me.

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