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XVM and Damagelogs issue

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So I encountered a bug after the mini patch that resulted in me having to re-install the game and mod pack. My xvm however does not seem to work and the game client crashes when I load into a match with and of the Damage log mods (gamblers is what I generally use.I was wondering if this is a known issue or if I'm just having some pc issues from a left over file in windows after I uninstalled/re-installed the game and mod-pack I cleared the cache throw the mod pack and used revo-uninstaller for the initial uninstall of wot any info would be great ty.

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Cannot understand your issue, please show screenshots, and add logs, that helps a lot :)

Sadly I lost them it got to the point where I had to uninstall all mods as well as tanks. Sadly I could not get the installer/my set up via the installer to allow me to play. So I have been using O** (haha not gonna promote, hopefully I haven't said to much already) with a version of your xvm. I am playing in the finals tourney and can't risk having client crashes ;/, after the tourney I will see if I can tackle the issue. It seems to run fine as long as I'm not running gamblers hitlog/detection mod through your installer. If I install it my xvm, session stats stop working, and the game crashes on the battle loading screen. Really can't wait to figure it out so I can use your installer again its so much cleaner, and I like your optional mods more lol. I may have been having a client issue and I attempted something another player suggested. He said i should install tanks again without uninstalling and force an update to find missing files or potentially correct corrupted ones . It's been running good so far I may just try your update you posted today.

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