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How to change Russian tank flags back to the Russian flag.

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Dunno why anyone would want this. It doesn't make any sense whatsoever. In choosing the specific options during mod install, I do not remember checking a box for "change Russian flag to Ukrainian". Which option was it hidden under?


Bro I don't think this is a good idea.

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It's not hidden - nor forced - you either picked it, or it might have gotten selected since something you had selected, was removed, which causes a shift in what is selected sometimes. It's towards the bottom - just over minimap mods.


I'm sure you're aware of what is going on in the world - so I'm sure you can imagine why some people would want it.

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I never made any claims that is was forced. I simply asked where was the option hidden. No, I did not select an option that say "literally change one country's flag to a different country's flag". Why would that be in the minimap options if it's "not hidden"? If it's some secret unanimous decision by everyone to just say that all Russian tanks now belong to Ukraine then why hide the option under minimap?


And why are you immediately nasty to me about it?


Is this gonna be the next Covid thing? We all have to "support the current thing"? Russia and Ukraine have some very deep seeded issues they have to work out between each other. Ok, so what? This mod survives mostly on donations from what I understand. Why alienate those players? Why don't you put a "donate to Ukraine" banner like ebay and amazon? What's the ultimate purpose/message involved in sneaking in the 'ol flag swaperoo so people are just like, "Ok I guess Russia is Ukraine now". And if someone hates Russia so much, Why would they want to claim russian built machinery as their own? It's like, we saw that. You didn't build that.  



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Someone else called it forced - and you kinda implied it 😛 


I didn't say "in the minimap options", did I? I said above the minimap options. Giving you an idea of where to scroll down to, and just above that. Could you at least read the message properly? 😛


I also wasn't nasty, at all - I'm simply stating that I'm sure you are aware - and that you should be able to imagine why someone might want it.


No one is saying everyone has to support it - you're just going crazy now, lol 😛 


No one is being alienated - it's a mod - like many others - which changes flags. Don't want them changed? Don't select it. It's that simple. 🙂 

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Hahahaha the option is pre-checked and literally says "Change the Soviet Union flags and symbols to Ukrainian". That's why you wouldn't tell me exactly where to find it or what it's called. Because it was pre-checked and because the option could be unchecked iT mEaNs It iSn'T fOrCeD.


I'm not going crazy, I'm in clown world Where countries can just identify as other countries now. My god.

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The option is not pre-checked. I told you exactly where to find it, to the best of my 'off the top of my head' ability.

Namely - "towards the bottom of the modpack - just above the section where minimap mods are" - and that's where you found it, right? So I guided you to where it is. You already posted the name itself - so why should I name it again? 🙂 


Like I said - it's likely that you had something checked, that was removed - and thus shifted the check onto that mod. Relax.


It's by no means pre-checked without something like that happening. For example, it's not checked on my end. 🙂 


See, towards the bottom (as going by the scroll bar) - as guided - just above minimap mods. (And not pre-checked...)


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On 4/13/2022 at 3:17 PM, manilla said:

I never made any claims that is was forced. I simply asked where was the option hidden.

Bull shit. You didn't "simply ask" anything. You implied anyone who wanted it was an idiot and that the change was forced on you.


On 4/13/2022 at 3:17 PM, manilla said:

And why are you immediately nasty to me about it?

JHFC... You're the one being nasty. It's just pixels, really not important enough to get your panties in a bunch, bro.


On 4/13/2022 at 3:33 PM, manilla said:

I'm not going crazy, I'm in clown world Where countries can just identify as other countries now. My god.

Wow. You must be real fun at parties.


You need to chill out, bro, mebbe show some damn gratitude for all the work Aslain does to maintain the modpack instead of getting all pissy over some pixels.


On 4/18/2022 at 12:16 PM, eggs over easy said:

possibly  manilla had his MAGA pulled down over his eyes so he couldn't see

LOL, no doubt...

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I had no idea about this flag changing switch until manila blew a gasket over it.  Thanks for the heads-up dude!  I changed my setup now to the Ukrainian flag to represent all the Russian tanks that ran outa gas - in a totally inept invasion plan - and are now under the control of the Ukrainian military.

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