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Tanks not showing in the garage

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There are a couple of tanks that I own that do not show up in the carousel. One is the Chaffee, I have to go the the tech tree and click the tanks and "show in garage" in order to play the tank. It isn't a sorting issue because other light tanks show up. I just used this week's WoT bonus code for the free rentant and that tanks doesn't show up even though I got the in game notice that the 3 day rental was awarded. That tank isn't on the tech tree, so I can't use that work around.


Anyone else experiencing this problem or can  you suggest a solution?  Thanks.

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You added it to Reserve at some point. That's a filter option in XVM that hides tanks from normal view.

In the filter menu - select the Reserve filter - uncheck the tanks that you've hidden.


Alternatively, you can also delete "reserve.dat" from this folder:




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