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Missing Mods and Issues Installing Mod Pack

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Good Afternoon Aslain,

The past 3 updates have given me issues installing the mod pack.  There are also many of the Mods that are not working, which I am not sure is a product of the install issues.  Here is the log you requested along with several other photos.  Also, I will include the mods which are not showing up in my game client.


*Tank Names showing up backwards for enemy team

*Missing Tank List on top 

*Damage Hit Log 

*Log showing tanks spotted and other info missing (Sorry, don't remember the actual log name)

*Stats on actual tanks in garage missing


Thank you very much.


WOT Tank classes missing.PNG

WOT tank names backwards.PNG

Mod Error #1.PNG

Mod Error #2.PNG

WOT tank names backwards.PNG

WOT Tank Stats Missing in Garage on Tank.PNG


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Most of your issues is probably from just continuing through the errors.
Restart your computer, before running the modpack, so you don't get the errors.


The tank list at the top: That's a WoT thing you need to enable - battle score panel or something to that extend, in WoT's settings menu.

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