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Hangs on match start-up screen AMX 13-90 ONLY

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As title says, match attempts to load bar fills and eventually music stops. I've tried shutting down WoT and restarting but still hangs until match ends. Only occurs with my 13-90 and only started today with patch. Happened on both Live Oaks and Windstorm. Not a super big deal but still a bug. Anyone else encounter this and find a remedy?

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Yeah there are players having this issue.... currently we have 4 types of issues in 9.7:


1. Durring battle: CTD

2. Durring battle: Turret lock-ups when you are vitnessing someone dying

3. Getting stuck on battle loading

4. Getting stuck on hangar loading


No solution for now, it's being investigated, two subjects suspected: WG broken something (they admited that, many fixes coming in a hotfix soon) + some mods not updated to 9.7

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