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Sexy battle report - wrong background colors

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If You click on line 1095, You see the preview where the background of "Victory!" is a light green and the background of "Draw" is a light orange. So we habe been used to, for many years. In the actual version these colors switched. I think this happened inadvertendly and the mod-author is kindly requested to return to the old version.



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vor 1 Stunde schrieb Aslain:

What do you mean by line 1095? Where is this line?



It is the line 1095 in the newest installation menu Aslain's WoT ModPack v1.16.1.0 #18



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47 minutes ago, frcard said:

I tried, but I couldn't open the .swf file. The description says I need the Adobe Flashplayer, but this program doesn't exist anymore since years. 🙄

My fault, I didn't tell you what to do with that file, you need to replace the installed res_mods\version\gui\flash\commonStats.swf with the file I attached you in this thread, and launch the game, then play a battle to see if the Battle Result images has correct images now.

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OK, now it works "normal" again, thx. 🙂


Do you intend to implement this commonStats.swf in the next mod packs, or have I to do it further on by myself?



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1 hour ago, frcard said:

After updating the modpack to #22, I recognized that there is still the wrong commonStats.swf in the package. I hope that you will change this in the upcoming modpack updates. 🙂


In 1.17.0

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