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Advanced HP Bar Indicator missing - ETA? And making other objects movable/draggable?

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1st, and idea when the Advanced HP Bar Indicator will be  done?

2nd, any idea where the original HP indicator is located so I can move it to the center screen via an .xml file? *I play on triple monitors.

3rd,  Is making the On-screen objects (Minimap, chat, HP indicator, compass....etc) movable/draggable a complicated endeavor? e.g. could an IT Sys. Admin be taught how to do this? IF so what would be the steps/process? 

If would be a daunting task for someone to learn, would anyone like to take it on??? Take my money!!



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1. AutoSpy the author of this mod is retuning from vacation next week, then he will update all his mods. That's all I know.

2. No idea, probably possible if you know which file to mod and which part of code. 

3. From what I know it's hard, but I don't create such things so I'm not right person to be asked about it.

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2. Thats really my hang up; is I don't know where the file is? 

For the past few years I have had to change the parameters in the "battle_layout.xml and the !BB_main_hud.unbound" (among others) to move my minmap, speed indicator, compass...etc.

So if I could find where the "Health Bar" is located, which I cant, I would feel fairly confident I could change the code....hopefully.

If you could please help me find the where WG put the Health Bar I would be very grateful!!


PS, I cant believe there are no requests to have all of the HUD objects to be movable/draggable, as I cant be the only triple monitor/ultrawide user out there.


I truly appreciate what you, and all  of the modders do!

Thanks guys!!!

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2. My guess is gui\unbound2\pc\battle\own_ship_health.unbound


Draggable = This request is mainly to WG, I don't think that any modder will be interested to change the UI the way that everything is draggable, it sounds like a hell of a job. It's somethibg very hard to do, and after WG update such modders will have to update tons of the code. You may request it on WG forums in the modders section.

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