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Missing mods from previous releases?

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A few mods that I used for quite a while seem to be missing in the past few releases, and I'm not sure if they've just been renamed or removed entirely. I can't remember their names, but I can describe their functions as such:


1. Displays your highest mastery badge for each tank in the carousel in the top left, underneath the tank tier and class icon.

2. Displays your credit income in the main battle results window (rather than the Detailed Report tab) and moves the experience multiplier button to the top left portion of the window.

3. Removes clan emblems from tanks in battle and in the garage.


What happened to these mods? Have they become outdated and been removed, or have their names been changed? These were great quality-of-life mods, and I would love to use them again.

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1. You can select from various types here:




2. Removed by XVM devs for whater reasons, you can ask them on their forums: https://koreanrandom.com/forum/forum/57-xvm-english-support-and-discussions/


3. Rajcel said he will fix it in unspecified future @RaJCeL, meanwhile it's removed because it has stopped to work - solution: use Limpid Stickers mod which has the same feature.

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