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Modpack feature request - filtering

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Been using your mod pack for a very long time.


I'd love to be able to filter the list so that only currently selected mods show up. This would be helpful if I want to remove something I was trying and didn't like. It would cut the time way down trying to hunt it up in the list.



~NA Jarod997 [CS7]

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Not happening any time soon, as it would require a whole new software / code.


If you remember the names of things, you can search on the Components List txt file that is in Aslain's folder in your game folder. Position there matches in modpack, so you can look on the scroll bar on the right side.

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Granted I know nothing about how the Aslain modpack is coded, but implementing a basic show/hide filter shouldn't be that big of a change. It could be a single click button that triggers a refresh and toggles between show all and show selected.

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