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This is a request of feature.

I would like to have option to select tanks based on "feature" OR "feature" instead of "feature + feature". Meaning if 1 applies i could see that tank in garage instead of all selections must match.
Also 1 is missing, to have tanks that i can grind.  That is available without mods, but not with mods that are in Aslains modpack.

Thank you for all this.  Have a good game, but have better life outside of game. :-)

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It's true, but when new tanks come to play it doesn't work anymore cos game thinks it is elite.
Or does it?
I need to test it again, when new tanks come. I might remember incorrectly.

Also i would like to add tank that i grind and some premium tank, this does'n't work cos it is one or the other, not both.

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Forgot something.
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