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Build Viewer Shows Upgrade Slots I Cant Use

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Build Viewer shows all 6 upgrade slots, even for low level ships. 
Can slots not avail to my ship level be removed?  Or some checkmark placed over them? 
It is confusing to see the same icon for missing real upgrades as for impossible ones.
Excellent mod, cheers. 
PS - Thanks for putting my ship's name onscreen.

Suggestions (should be in a separate post?)
1)  I play in different ships every game.  Can the order of the top line be changed, plz? 
Kamikaze R     [Clan]My_Name
2)  Add more information to the top line?  e.g. Tier
T5 Ship_Name    [Clan]My_Name
3)  Offer capitalised/lower case option.  Research shows ALL CAPS IS HARD TO READ.
4)  Offer decimal/Roman numeral option.  Deciphering Roman hieroglyphics is harder than the decimal system I use every day. 
5)  Scalable size would be useful as this mod is very large.  (Loads of work).

Aslains Build Viewer.png

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