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MOE not working in latest update _v. (11/13/2022)

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Reposted from CHAMPi's changelog:

during the first 2 rounds of the day in a tank, the MoE display only shows the last known MoE value. A real calculation is not possible beforehand. After the 1st round, the MoE value is updated, after the 2nd round the calculation starts.

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16 hours ago, AntonioAndolini said:

So, I must play 3 battles in a vehicle before the MoE values are displayed?  What made this change?  Just curious.


Forwarded answer from the author.


The situation every moe mod has is that a real moe stat can only be seen after a battle. This is nothing new, it has always been like this. The only difference now is: instead of showing fake Moe values or values based on incorrect calculations like other mods do, EVV only shows the last known value it can pull from the tank information. After a battle, the displayed Moe value for this tank is 100% correct and is shown in the battle results dialog, in the garage and in battle, but it's not enough to calculate Moe in real time. A 2nd result is required. With these 2 values, a moe mod is able to calculate predictions needed for ingame moe. This behavior is not new, it has always been this way. As an example: Spoter's Moe mod will show these 2 battles with blue stats and they won't update during the battle until 2 games have been played.


Question for you: "So, I must play 3 battles in a vehicle before the MoE values are displayed? ^- short answer: No, 1 battle after a correct value is displayed and 2 before calculation is valid

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