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Barracks Issue, last 2 updates

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As far as I am aware, I am not, nor have I ever run any mods within the pack that affect the barracks, yet the last 2 Aslains updates for 1.2 have left me with this.

Any thoughts or ideas? Thanks!

And keep up the great work!


Funny enough, the recruits tab is unaffected, just everything else


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10 hours ago, Aslain said:

You didn't include logs so I cannot check anything. See my post signature with info about logs. Also it's worth to try to repair game files in WGC and also try if you still have this problem without mods (Safe mode in WGC).

Ahh apologies. This is my first issue with your mods in hell....since you started making the pack so I didn't know, lol. I ended up just reinstalling the game, couldn't for the life of me find the repair option. All is well now, so unfortunately I can't do a log now to figure out what caused it.

But I appreciate you!

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