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(Bug) Night Sky has day lighting and sun glare

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The Night Sky mod in this modpack is bugged, it used to have cool/cold lighting and a glare from the moon that was colored differently or not as noticeable, now you see the sun shine through and it's literally just the skybox and sun texture changed. I believe this is because the environment XML files aren't being changed or something isn't being done right, I'd really appreciate if this could be fixed!

Included below are some videos I made a couple years ago that all show what it used to (and should) look like, along with screenshots of what it currently looks like in its bugged state.

(Not exclusive to the Frontline maps, having this issue in all maps and modes)







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I deleted my old replays just last night so I'll have to re-install the mod and get a replay for you later, it's in every single map so I'm not sure why a replay or logs are needed though - I didn't change anything for this to happen, it just happens out of the box

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Apologies for the late response!
Weirdly enough, I found that this mod fixes the issue but only in the few maps it affects. If possible, I would really love for this to be added to the modpack as an alternative / extension to the Night Sky mod (which it already is, tbf)


As for the issue itself, attached are a couple replays where I was seeing the sun over the moon and that odd day-sky colored overlay in the horizon (my above screenshots show the same thing). This affects every map the above mod doesn't change - It might be notable that the mod mentions it re-enables fog.

I've also attached my logs and whatnot, though notably they're a few days after the replays themselves.

20221217_1713_japan-J28_O_I_100_217_er_alaska.wotreplay Components_List.txt python.log _Aslains_Installer.log _Aslains_Installer_CompList.log _Aslains_Installer_Extractor.log _Aslains_Installer_Options.inf _Aslains_movetree_command_mods.log _Aslains_movetree_command_res_mods.log 20221217_1521_germany-G63_PzI_ausf_C_60_asia_miao.wotreplay

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