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Crash on use of arty sight

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Unfortunal not for me.


But Aslain, first things first: a great tool you have compiled here ;) Thanks for that!


I´ve noticed the same as the threadstarter and that way I´d collected (and am collecting) fines every 2.nd or 3rd game. My CTD´s are a little different. Mainly resulting from the same (changing the view from normal to arty sight and/or clicking the minimap) I´ve noticed a huge package loss and I suppose that´s the main reason, why the game is crashing. It seems that with every view change a burst of data is beeing requested from the server and (I am on DSL ~700kb/s w. a ping of 100-200ms) the data transfer back gets stuck in the pipe and causes the game to freeze. There is nothing the user can do about that because there seems to be no tolerance for a data delay or a routine to request lost data packages again. What results from this is (if you are lucky) a 60 seconds lag and your game becomes playable again, but most of the time I´ll get disconnected.


The same package loss seems to be the reason for the CTD at start and/or the delay at start. For me the countdown in most games is already over or at 2 to 5 seconds - and than I can´t move for about 15 seconds as it seems to load in a background task. When the data is synched, it´s like a magic flip in fast forward: all vehicles move for 3 seconds with lightspeed (as they were moving while my game was still loading) to their actual positions. And now I can move.


I did the testing and uninstalled the whole mod and the game went straight on w/o any of these issues. I reinstalled it and deactivated everything but J1mb0´s Damaklos Sword for arty - and all of the problems came back.


Is there anything you can do about that?

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