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Zoom acting up after being hit!!!

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This crap is already driving me crazy for YEARS, it MUST be some mod, or combination of mods, acting up! Looking through sniper-mode foresight in ×2 zoom, getting hit regularly makes it screw up, I still see SEE ×2 magnification, but sensitivity increases heavily like it switches to ×24-28 magnification by ITSELF (that's fucking insane!), and as soon as I scrool whichever way, even OUT, with da wheel, also graphics finally follows and jumps to HIGHER magnification by itself! So I scroll out which should jump from ×2 to third-person view, and instead it magnifies even more!! Have to push SHIFT twice so it exits and enters decent zoom again. I believe this does not happen if I already am at magnification higher than, the one, which it acts at. So very likely some kind of DEFAULT setting is somewere.


You can imagine how screwed up this is, need to fucking move the aim if target is moving, and all of sudden I'm moving by MILIMETERS. Anybody else has experience with this?


Things are somewhat better after selecting default magnification in the CLIENT itself to ×2, previously when entering sniper mod, it was BY ITSELF zoomed to ×16 or something like that. I think the same thing acts up. One of the mods I have is maximum zoom, something like ×40 or the highest there is. Isn't that thing set up by itself to some crazy stupid default magnification??


I'm always running latest version of the modpack, and always clean installation. Behaviour repeatedly observed on different rigs with mostly the same mods installed, so I am strongly sure it is something within this modpack.

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here it happened several times in a row, by the end of the fight, rendered the tank totaly useless, you can see I had to constantly scroll or exit/enter sniper mode, got screwed up in matter of seconds hitting pretty much nothing; it's especially clear as the M4 was reversing backwards and I've tried following to no avail as it virtually switched to some insane magnification


archiver never ever workd for me, here's it per file

20230105_0452_usa-A142_Pawlack_Tank_06_ensk.wotreplay python.log xvm.log _Aslains_Installer.log _Aslains_Installer_CompList.log _Aslains_Installer_Options_.inf

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I've uninstalled everything and reinstalled without the maximum zoom mod (that works by default anyways, could just tick 60× zoom in client settings) and so far seemed OK in couple battles, but could remove that DI too. I wonder what it does anyways, there's no preview :D

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oh yeah, right, just don't get what it does from the image


replay did not show it? not sure if the rig is even capable of taking a video, from what I remember, high-res 30FPS video used to have large impact on framerate of the game, this is just C2Q with R7 265


it's some mod all right, with the pack uninstalled completely, I've played a dozen battles, experience was smooth the whole time

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I noticed you have installed the high scroll sensitibity in arcade view, maybe try to lower it? because of that the small scroll with make the zoom super fast.


The high view from above the tank is also game feature, check the game options for it. (Commander camera and whatnots).


It all makes me thinking that it's not a bug, but the combination of mods and game options you have selected.

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orly? my understanding is the zoom mod is only-to-unlock-certain-zoom-values, and it is upon me to manually zoom in or out as I want


don't expect that thing crapping unexpectedly, jumping to zoom/movement sensitivity without me touching anything!!

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