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transparent damage panel

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I am very satisfied with this modpack and use it over a year.

Only use mods that not "overcrowd" game screen with, for my opinion,

not necessary informations, and keep my sreen simple.

(Jimbos crosshair, damage dealt log with 5 lines, and colour of coordinates on minimap.)

transparency of minimap is adjustable in ingame settings.


I am wondering if You can add in your modpack transparent damage panel with 2 options:

1.only trasparent damage panel

2.transparent damage panel with log of hits received.


I am asking for this because I am not comfortable with shooters damage panel or zayaz battle interface.


Just a normal default damage panel with transparency and hit log received option, so I will have no need

to put some  transparent panels after every update you make.


Or is there something I am missing?


Greetings from Croatia.


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blue version is suitable for me personally :rolleyes: , but with options with or withouth damage

received log.


if possible to put option in modpack for transparent interface like


http://worldof-tanks.com/0-8-8-transparent-modpack/ :huh:


zayaz damage panel is nice too, but withouth options to disable hitlog and centered healthbar :(


Is it possible to incorporate  transparency in ingame  and garage interface, so player can choose what to select

level and aply it throught instalation from modpack?


Currently using...




version 3.... because has fewer files to copy then translucent


sorry for my english is rusty :D :rolleyes:


Thanks for all answers in advance.

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