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Toggle Server Reticle With Vanilla Reticle.


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I was using toggle server reticle with VANILLA reticle. WG Mods Essentials was including it but devs of this modpack stopped updating it so i started using Aslain's modpack. Aslain's modpack has tooggle server reticle bu with external server reticle mods. The only thing i need is toggling server reticle true or false with "F2" key. (It was izeberg's mod and not working with current version of the game.)


izeberg.modsettingsapi_1.5.4.wotmod izeberg.serveraim.wotmod izeberg.updater_wgmods.wotmod

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added some more details
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Thanks sir! The reason this mod is usefull for me, i toggle server reticle so often in a match. Depends on the target i shoot, depends on lag spikes, depends on renge etc. It saves my sessions. Aniallator from FAME clan was also using this mod so often. Thanks again, have a nice day. 

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