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Commander Mod (In Port)

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Anyone remember what mod is it that gives unique and collab Commanders their specific rank and not just Ship Commander? In 12.2 and 12.3 those Commanders had their ranks but I checked now and it reverted back to the boring Ship Commander, so I'm trying to figure out what mod gives that. As an example this is the recent Hololive Commander Botan; you can see here she has her actual rank and not just placed as Ship Commander.


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So here's a screenshot of port from the video I made. This was during update 12.3. You can see here Botan has her rank and not just as Ship Commander. So I'm trying to figure out now what mod I used that put the actual rank of the Commander to unique and collab Commanders...


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After much evaluation, I think the mod that affects it is the National Flag mod. But strangely for this update, the Commander rank for unique and collab Commanders is still the default Ship Commander. I guess I'll have to wait for National Flag to be updated to see if there would be a difference.


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