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Self Info Panel Color

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I understand you are a very busy man but I was hoping you may have time to add an option to the self info panel to change the color of the text. I do know php (which I understand its not the same but coding is coding at the end of the day) so I tried to track down the file the mod is using but with no luck, If you don't have the time maybe you could point me in the right direction and I could possibly figure it out myself.

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In res_mods\gui\unbound\mods\InfoPanelSelf.xml, most likely in textColor defines, but I don't know if your change will work without compiling the flash file. Compiling is more complicated.

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Hi there,

I do something similar to what you are asking with "Damage Meter" mod, by changing the (sometimes unreadable) white color to a nice yellow/gold color.

All you have to do is getting free editor app "Notepad ++" and go edit the file Aslain was mentioning. Don't worry about the Flash file; it needs no changes.


Once you are ready (ofc make a backup copy first!) the first step is to chose a new color and copy its Hexadecimal code.

There are plenty of sites than can help in that. Here the one in the pict: https://www.htmlcsscolor.com


In Notepad++ as you can see, there in option to split the windows: in my case on the left it's a file I made and saved on the desktop, while on the right there is the one to be edit inside the Res_mods folder. A nice thing about Notepad++ is that it remember any open session, so all you have to do, after installing one of Asalin's modpack is to run it, copy/paste from left to right and SAVE before quitting.

As you can see, for extra comfort I copy/paste a whole chunk of code because in Damage Meter I have 2 colors to change, but as matter of fact, the only thing you need to change is the HEX code (the part in green) in your file.

Beware these are different mods, so different coding, but the fact remain that you need to use Notepad++ search comand for an entry that says "Text color" or also look for an HEX code. i.e. if the original color is white, you need to look for a "#FFFFFF" value.

Be also aware you may find more than one Hex codes, one for the main text and the other for the outline.

Good luck


Screenshot (976).png

Screenshot (975).png

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