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Unknown freeze-ups/Arty

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Anyone else getting freezes in arty mode?

So far, it seems random and effects only arty.

I am allowed to fire the first shot, then NOTHING works except moving the mouse.

Clicking the mouse: nyet. Keyboard controls: nope. ESC key: nada. Enter key to chat: zip.

I can watch the game from "god's view" or ctrl-alt-del for Task Manager to stop the game.


I am downloading and installing 4.3.15 to see if it goes away. Will report back.


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I installed 4.3.15

I changed from Improved Lighting Mod to Mav's Fog remover

Deleted Spotted Extended by Spotter

Cleared cache on install

Arty freeze went away

But, occasionally I get gun sights complete with count-down timer, in the hanger and for the rest of the time I am signed in...meaning each subsequent battle I have 2 gunsights and count-down timers (one frozen, one working).

Trying 4.3.16 next!


I would love to upload a photo if I were clever enough.

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