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Hey guys i hope this is in the correct section. My name is brian and im really new to WoT and love the modpack but im trying to fine tune everything. So my question/request is.

Is there a way to change different mod via ingame, like change crosshairs or change colors of name plates ect ect via ingame. This may already be possible im just not sure hows it done cause i have been uninstalling and reinstalling just to try out new options/looks to fine tune.


So maybe something ingame you can add to change things like this with a ingame reload button [ after you make the changes ] to load new options you have selected .


Thanks for your time and hope to hear from you soon, and i hope this is in the correct section..



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Hi and welcome :)


Some options you can set in the game settings menu but the great mojority of mods can be changed manualy only via editing their config files. Alternatively launch my installer again and pick new options, then install it as usually with clean install option checked.

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