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No mods after changing drive locations. Steam WOWS

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Gday All,


 Pretty sure I messed something up. I bough a new SSD and switched WOWS to the new drive. Since then no mods will load. I even tried Mod Station. I've uninstalled & reinstalled Aslain several times now. Tried removing any res_mod references. Checked <Path> something had the correct version.Verified my installation in Steam. I really don't want to have to remove and reinstall Warships but starting to wonder if I need a full reinstall from scratch if I wish to be able use any mods again.


The game works fine but sorely missing your mods.


Open to suggestions and thanks for your time.





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Double check that you're installing the mods to the new location.

And double check that you're launching the game from the new location as well.


That's the two options I think there are, for "no mods".

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I copied it over to the new drive and then found out about the 'Move' option in Steam and had it do the install and removed the previous installation from the old drive.

When I've tried to install Aslain's I point it to the new folder and it does it's thing normally. I've started the game from Steam and directly from the new installed folder but only the base game & DLC show up.


Something is causing a disconnect between the two and it's likely something simple I've missed lol.


Thank you for the reply though 8o)

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  • 2 weeks later...

I ended up having to reinstall and removed the previous directory. Funny enough Steam installed to the correct drive and created a new directory all together.


I reinstalled Aslain's Mods and everything seems to be working normally again YAY! 8o)


Thank you for the help & suggestions.



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