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How to Install "Aslains_XVM_Mod_.."?

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It's easy to download & unzip but there seem to be NO INSTRUCTIONS.   Do you have to manually put the folders into the WOT game folders?


This is the same problem I had with XVM directly downloaded from XVM.  The help links went to KoreanRandom and everything was in RuZZian.



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The ZIP, you need to fiddle with folders, yeah. That just gives you XVM stuff with Aslain's options.


You should get the modpack instead, to be honest. That lets you pick and choose what you want, and no fiddling with folders! 🙂 

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Update:   Instructions for Aslain's XVM are actually simple, and could easily be included on the download page:  Just choose 'extract all' and select WoT game folder.  The reason I was trying this is that the main modpack just does NOT work for what I have selected.. every time I run the game,  the player stats I want to see are never visible.  All that works is the little colored square with the player's color.  That's not what I want.  I want full player stats with number of games, win rate, etc.  I'm at my wits end.   To uninstall the whole thing and try stock XVM, I can't even do that now I've run both the Aslain EXE and the XMV ZIP file, I can't even use Windows uninstall for the EXE modpack.  

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