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"Battle Equipment" mod seems to be causing in-battle UI in garage

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I've been having an issue recently that doesn't happen all the time but happens every so often, where a battle will end and I'll come back to garage but I see the in-battle UI (minimap, player list, consumables, etc.) but my tank is in the garage and I should have the garage UI. The game is completely bugged and has to be restarted to fix this.


After some experimenting, I found it never happened again after removing the "Battle Equipment" mod, so it seems to be the source of the issue.


I don't know if logs are required or not but I haven't been saving my logs when this happens anyway as I was usually preoccupied. I'd provide a screenshot as well but I couldn't find when I posted it in Discord a few months ago.


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10 minutes ago, Aslain said:

Logs are created automatically, use aslains logs archiver to collect and pack them, then attach here.


Well it just happened today without the Battle Equipment mod, just after a Mirny-13 match. I played a few randoms with a buddy, then queued in a full Mirny-13 platoon. Upon getting back to garage, bug.

Here's the logs:


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Thanks, I forwarded this to Kurzdor, since he is author. That all various event battles are known from causing various unpredicted problems with mods, that's why I always advise to not use mods there even when modders says they adjusted their mods to this mode.


Meanwhile attach logs created after the problem occurs, screenshots too. Otherwise logs without Battle Equipment mod installed has no use to the author.

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