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Disabling outlines for player's vehicle model

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Would it be possible to disable the outlines for player's vehicle model? The outlines that appear every time vehicle goes over some sort of obstacle, or when it is in the bushes. I do not like it appears all the time on my vehicle when I stand over some minor obstacle or unlevel terrain, and on wheeled vehicles it is especially annoying, I can see the outlines for the bottom part of the wheels all the time, as wheels are slightly sunk in the terrain. Im not sure if this is only problem of standard graphics, because that is what Im using. 


One some tracked vehicles, the outlines sometime appear as lines that are visible most of the time from most of the angles. I remember this became noticeable only after some patch. 


Here is what the outlines on wheels of armored car look like: https://imgur.com/a/KO2uSYx

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